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IIMT is a leading institution in providing quality engineering education to student aspiring to become leading engineers in their respective fields. IIMT offers a combination of creativity, excitement, challenges and real life practical examples to ensure that students understand the underpinning concepts and apply them. The institution offers engineering training at graduate, PG programs and diploma level. The main fields include:

Civil Engineering

Construction and infrastructure projects are the backbone of a nation economy. Next generation civil engineers must be equipped with advanced building concept to enable them design, build, supervise and maintain construction projects. There is increased need for high rise buildings which require adequate structural support. In addition; roads, bridges, dams, airports, tunnels, highways, sewage are becoming complex and these need sophisticated designs.

Mechanical Engineers

Industrialization, mechanization and automation are a must for any nation to advance in the 21st century. Mechanical engineers provide innovative solution to all aspects of processing, manufacturing industries and everything that moves. They design, manufacture and maintain all types of machines. There work is enormous and ranges from microscopic sensors, automation, aerospace, micro-electromechanical systems, refrigeration and air conditioning, production machine design and operations (lathe,

milling machines), automobiles, ships just to mention a few.

Next generation mechanical engineers must have vast knowledge in materials science in order to optimize machine performance and reduce cost, have advanced knowledge on thermodynamics to save energy and incorporate aesthetics and ergonomics. IIMT trains engineers to blend all these concepts to develop solutions to complex problems.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrical energy generation, distribution and utilization is critical. Electrical engineering is the most diverse field in the world with numerous areas. These engineers must be equipped with vast knowledge on electricity, electronics and electromagnetism in order to respond to issues regarding electrical power, automation, industrial control, sensors, computer hardware manufacture, signal generation and transmission, networking, communication and other aspects. IIMT offers holistic study and also allows graduate student to specialize in their respective fields.

Chemical Engineering

In the 21st century, there is increasing need for chemical engineers who apply knowledge on physics, chemistry, biological, microbiology and biochemistry to produce chemicals, medicines, food, materials and energy. Most processes that use microorganisms such as fermentation must be controlled effectively. IIMT provides next generation engineers who will identify new solutions to challenging chemical and processing problems as well as design large scale processes to manufacture chemicals, medicines, living cells and microorganisms.

Oil, Gas and Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum is the principal source of energy for industrial process. It provides 100% power to the transport sector. IIMT professionals are trained on all aspects of petroleum engineering such as prospecting, exploration, well drilling and completion, oil field chemicals, oil extraction and processing, enhanced oil recovery, transport, distribution and utilization. These engineers are also trained on environmental impacts and other oil management strategies to ensure minimal degradation and reduce global warming.

Health and Safety Engineering

Workers in 21st century plants and industries deal with heavy, intricate machine that can cause death and injuries. Health, safety and environmental engineers set standards, procedures and strategies to eliminate occupation related death, injuries or sickness. To do this, they must understand machines, software’s, chemical, equipments and products. Students with background of electrical, chemical, electrical, aeronautic and mechanical can advance in the field of safety. IIMT impacts students with in depth theoretical and practical knowledge making them conversant in this field.