Weather Forecast Project



1. Get into groups of 3. Decide who will be the script writer/researcher, camera man, and reporter.

2. Read the weather map given with your group.

3. Discuss what type of weather may be heading in our (Winfield, AL ) direction.

4. Look at the sample script provided and decide what you would like your script to say during the forecast. Be creative and make it your own!! :)

5. You can do research on your devices or the computers.

6. When you are ready you can video your forecast!


1. You have two days to complete this project in class.

2. WORK TOGETHER. Participation and your ability to work with others will be a part of your grade.

3. Make sure that you use at least 5 of the weather words posted on the board.

4. You will get a rubric on how you will be graded. Make sure that you have all of the elements in your project.