German Americans

By:Kolin Franda


There favorite food is mustard. there second favorite food is hot dog. there third favorite food is a hamburger with extra extra extra extra extra extra mustard.

why they came to america

They came to america because they wanted more land and a better place to live.

And they also wanted religious freedom.

Fun Facts

  1. The first English settlers arrived at Jamestown, Virginia in 1607, and were accompanied by the first German American, Dr. Johannes Fleischer. He was followed in 1608 by five glassmakers and three carpenters or house builders.[71]The first permanent German settlement in what became the United States was germantown pennsylvania, founded near Philadelphia on October 6, 1683.

2.Turner societies in the United States were first organized during the mid-19th century so German American immigrants could visit with one another and become involved in social and sports activities.