Team Tuttle November Newsletter

Our best month of the year!

Here are the designers with pv of $750-$1,000 pv:

Patrícia Camargo

Karen McCravy

Tracy Frame

Melissa Bierlein

Heather Chrisco

Renata Hilson

Pennie Contos

Carrie Bain

Ken Bradley

Jennifer Koszewnik

Debbie St Jean

Gilma Acevedo

Priscilla Flores

Julie Carr

Cassidy Hart


Gabriela Werthman

Paula & Erin Beauchesne

Julie Eibeschitz

Jessica Vivian

Annie Carrasco

Maria Delcampo

Danielle Marley

Ashley Roeder

Cheryl Davis-Korte

Peggy D'Antonio

Christine Smalley

Danielle Tabino

Arelis Rodriguez

Cathleen Cumpton

Elzbieta Juzwiszyn

Heather Cole

These designers had $1,001-$1,500 pv:

Stephanny Estrada

Lyndsie Cartney

Theresa Likert

Michelle Cunningham

Allison Byerly

Kim Thomason

Cynthia Davis

Carrie Johnson

Kris Crowe

Regina Peterson

Donna Howes

Tatiana Lessa

Sherry Richmond

Wendy Corso-Ruud

Shana Rodgers

April Aipperspach

Jayne Hughes


Anitra Parmele

Alexandra Barker

Shauna Congelliere

Kyna Lunglhofer

Sarah Wiechmann

Sandra Bravo

Amy Bateman

Victoria Bucy

Terrisa & David Singleton

Laci Renee

Cindy Hertel

Morgan Crump

Kelly Klauder

Marina Iser

Brunilda Calderon

Kelly Green

Jenny Hartford

Suzanne Grasse

Amy Olson

Tyana Suriano

Brooke Turner

These designers had $1,501-$2,000 in pv:

Mellissa Jones

Cari Hollis

Elizabeth Hernandez

Kristen Dillon

Jennifer Hady

Janice Nork

Yvonne Woolard

Barbora Jerabek

Jeanie Jordan

Kristen Tuttle

Rafaela Rios

These deisgners had $2,000 and up in pv:

Mary Wassell

Kathy Pardee

Sandi-Rose Smith

Tiffany Mitcham

Libby Skaggs

Kati McGuire

Dawn Petrone

Amy Diaz

A huge congrats to the top 4 pv earners!!

SandyGast & Kimberly Parker-$3312

Winter Borstelman- $3154

Lora & Skylar & Erin Schott-$3078

Jennifer Curran- $2954

and our top pv earner:

Aimee Johnson- $7,373!!! ...and Aimee has over 100 Myo2 Reward Points!

Congrats to these designers who promoted from Designer to Lead Designer!:

Amy Olson

Jessalyn Hoeveler

Mireya Delgado

Pennie Contos

Kristin Williams

These designers promoted from Lead Designer to Team Leader!:

Rebecca Drawdy

Denice Willis

Welcome to all our newest designers for the month of October!

Abby Andersen

Ingrid Reis

Debi Mugridge

Vickie Baur

Cynthia McGrath

liliana clavijo

Kimberly Gale

Juca Nada Bajsanski

Autumn Drawdy

crystal Lorasch

Jennifer Bailey

Chelsey McCurdy

Barb Brewer

Jillian Hampton

Ashanti Davis

Elise Naimo

Gema Alcaraz

Megan Russell

Dede Smith

Diana Hyler

Jamie Avoletta

Jan McKee

Jayne Hughes


Renee Adams


Tamar Taffaro

Jaime Luck

Maria Jucilene Lallave

Lisa Weber

Jeanel Tomnitz

Elzbieta Juzwiszyn

Diane Arms-Signore

Stayce Pavey

Congrats to these designers who celebrate Owlversarys!

3 years!

Amy Meinecke

2 years!

Kristen Dillon

Debbie Kinz

Sarah Bostick

Kathy Vincent

Karen Jordan

Andrea Castro

Kelly & Susan Romard

Kayla Kaydo

BJ Palmer

Mariella Conde

Brandy Wilcut

Livia Black

Tina Barron

Melissa Ashe

Melanie Kerin

Nicole Boissiere

Tara Murphy & Chloe Bohannon

Jeanie Jordan

Jennifer Mannone

Kimberly Brown

Letisha Perez

Jodie Lopez

Jordan Cunningham

Jenna Eskelson

Jamie Cole

Marla Atkin

Angela Silva

Carrie Hatfield

Karen Yoder

Kimberly Singleton

Lauren Mahan

Alicia Forte

1 year!

Rachel Wagner

Deborah Fuller

Patricia Baciaszek

Vickie Johnson

Kayla Wink

Wanda Pritekel

Christina McClellan Pratt

Mandy Foss

Rebecca Eldred

Rachel Grimsby

Jessica Toomey

Cindy Ambrose

Madeline Beason

Brooke Turner

Josie Hamlin

Lorraine Reed

Kathryn Patrick

Leora Cohn

AnaGloria Rodriguez

Laci Renee

Alicia Boutwell

Jennifer Hutchins

Kelley Baker

Jennifer Curran

Elizabeth Pocorello

Steffany Goldfarb

Amanda Sayers

Carrie Hodges

Shelly Faught

Cindy Hertel

Marie Hamann

Stephanie Graham

Sylvia Cooper

Some news from the the Nest. All info and clickable links are in your back office.

Soar to Success Rewards Update - 12/11/2015

Soar to Success Rewards Update
Soar to Success Rewards that were earned by noon (CT) December 8th, 2015 will begin shipping today. Once we’ve shipped your STS Reward, a notification will appear under Order History in your Back Office—plus you’ll receive an email containing the shipping details. If you earned Soar Rewards, your total award amount will appear in the Points Accounts section under the Accounts drop-down of your Back Office.

All Designer Webinar
Join Senior Vice President of North American Sales Marcia Cota, and our special guest, Founder Chrissy Weems on Wednesday, December 16 at 7 p.m. (CST) for the December All Designer Webinar! We will be celebrating your amazing success and sharing some holiday love, click here to register.

Final Days for Designer Exclusives Promotion + All Designer Webinar - 12/10/2015

Final Days for Designer Exclusives Promotion
Less than five days remain for you to qualify for two amazing Designer Exclusives! You have until December 15, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. CST to submit 250 PV or more for a chance to earn our beautiful sparkly, snow-inspired look and/or our signature O2 aqua Jewelry Box—for just $18 USD| $22 CAD each! That’s what we call a holiday steal! Get all the details with our flyer in this article.

Updated Marketing Calendar - 12/9/2015

Updated Marketing Calendar
Stay current with O2 with our handy dandy Marketing Calendar! You’ll know everything from Product + Marketing launches, plus Communications + Training! Click here to download.

Holiday 2015 Shipping Cutoff Dates

U.S. orders**

Date Time

Overnight Shipping Tuesday, December 22 Noon (CST)

2-Day Shipping Monday, December 21 Noon (CST)

Standard Shipping Tuesday, December 15 Midnight (CST)

Canadian orders

Date Time

Expedited Shipping Friday, December 18 Noon (CST)

Standard Shipping Thursday, December 10 Midnight (CST)