Merry Season's Readings

Don't forget Sora!

Super Fun Free Reading Log

You do have to give her your email but then you get this file and how fun would that be for tracking class reading? Find the info here.
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K. I am looking at the calendar and ... goodness. Lots of breaks and several grades that have research in their S&S. And I still haven't done inventory (actually way better to do NOT at the end of the year). Loads of FUN. You can see my live calendar on the library webpage under staff resources.

Jan 6 checkout week for everyone, limited lesson times until volunteers can cover checkout or teachers learn to check out their own classes

(see calendar). That Wednesday is the computer deployment where we may lose the library for a couple hours.


Jan 20 (no school on Mon) checkout week for everyone, limited lesson times (see calendar)

Jan 27 more time for lessons! PLEASE LOOK AHEAD AND LET'S SCHEDULE

Feb 3 (T/W early dismissal that week) checkout week for everyone, limited lesson times (see calendar)

Feb 10 (kids early out that Friday) more time for lessons! PLEASE LOOK AHEAD AND LET'S SCHEDULE

Feb 17 (no kids on Monday, I will be gone and there will be a sub in the library who is a retired librarian ... so while there's still some she can't do there is a lot she can!).

Feb 24 bookfair (that ought to be fun ... be gone and then jump right back in to the craziness!)

Mar 2 another checkout week before spring break. limited lesson times.


Book Returns

This is why it helps SO MUCH when you spread out sending books down and hopefully most of them the day BEFORE your checkout.

This was only part of the books one morning last week. The counter was also overflowing. Trying to check in/sort books/clear cards AND get my teaching area/any necessary tech ready for an 8:30 class (kids in the space before and after school so I can't do it then, either) is ... stressful. I hate bugging you because I know that is annoying, too, but it just really helps me to be available for kids and staff looking for books when I don't have to deal with late circ issues.


Be thinking about a reading goal YOU have for 2020 because you know I will be asking. We must model what we preach, right? My reading has really slowed down the past couple years so I am trying to get it back.

And send me a pic of you reading over the break to go on the IG/FB page! On Twitter I'm just me, not "the HH librarian" because I was already on Twitter forever ago and didn't want to rebuild my entire PLN. But maybe I will start one if more parents or y'all get on board. We'll see.

Creatively Productive guest post on Shake Up Learning

Just sharing because I love a good tracker (never said I was perfect at keeping up

with filling them all out! But in theory ...) and I did really enjoy the book.

She does not annoy you with loads of emails (to get access to the templates you do have to enter your address). It's like one every couple of weeks with loads of other good ideas.

Lisa Johnson taught in NEISD a long time ago. She's in Austin now.

6 FREE Google Templates for Creative Productivity

First, Lisa Johnson has put together a fantastic guest blog post on Creative Productivity with 6 FREE Google templates for you and your students!

In this post, Lisa shares six activities and templates from her book, Creatively Productive.

These templates will help you and your students become more creative, productive, and reach your goals, including:

Value Sort

Level Up Life

Habit Tracker

Reading Tracker

Mood Tracker

Health Tracker

Click below to learn how to use these templates and access Lisa's awesome Doc Locker!

Google Templates for Creative Productivity

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Professional Reading

Short notice and CP is not on the list but I've read ... 13 of these? Some of them are on Sora, too, so if you are interested check there before you decide what to buy!