wasaton post

by amber patton

Lincoln's Dead

Booth was ready to kill Abraham Lincoln. He got all his weapons and his people to help him out. Later on when it was time to go to Ford's Theater he went in the back of a little room and waited for the play to be over. When everyone started to clap, making a lot of noise, he made his way into the President's box. Before anyone could see him he snuck up on Abraham Lincoln and shot him. Then he jumped out of the President's box and ran off stage and someone saw it and said he killed the President. Then everyone started laughing thinking that it was part of the play. So the man ran off and chased Booth but he was to late. The man ran back in the theater called the doctor. They said that it was not looking good. The next morning the doctors tried to get the bullet out of his head but they could not so at 7:22 am Lincoln was dead.

when Booth died

Booth's problems started at the begging. The first problem is when Booth jumped off the balcony and broke his leg. As Booth made his way on his escape route he had to wait in the woods for the boat. When they finally got on the boat Booth and Harold went the wrong way. Booth ended up looked in a barn for the night and the man hunters found him and shote him in the of his neck and he died on the field.