Iguana Info

April 4-8

This week

What a fun and busy week learning about letter Kk and Spring time! We painted big flowers at the easel, made kites for letter K, and made kites with pattern blocks. For science, we planted sweet potatoes in water and we predicted what will happen. The class also planted their own chia heads. In the garden with Mrs. Vaden, we planted cucumber seeds and picked out carrots that have been growing- wow were they big!!! On Friday, we had Wildlife on Wheels come visit us. We observed and learned about all different kinds of reptiles and amphibians such as: a tortoise, salamander, and even a baby alligator!

What's next?

Letter Qq and 5 senses! We will go over a different sense each day. We will also observe our sweet potatoes and chia heads.


Have a great weekend!