ADOLF HITLER| Reward: One hundred Billion|

Wanter for.......

-The cause of death for millions of Jews, Non-christians, minorities, and any person who is not the ideal human.

- Killing "undesirables"

-Nazi party

- Wanting world domination

- not abiding by the Treaty of Versailles

Back story

Adolf Hitler did not have a normal childhood. His father 48 married his niece 26 and had 3 children. Father Alois Hitler was a hardworking, strict, mean man. As a child Adolf was cared very dearly by his mother, but beaten by his old father. As young hitler grew his love for germany and war grew also. Then his life really changed after his father and brother died.


Core Beliefs


- Anti-communism


-Fascist dictator(Nazi)


Hitler's violation of Treaty of Versailles

After WWI Germany had to pay repercussions to the Triple Enente for the loss of life, property, and money. Through the treaty there were limits to what Germany could do. When Hitler was in power he violated many of the limitations embossed on Germany. He increased the size of the military and created an air force, he stoped paying debt for the WWI, and he annexed Austria. All of these were terrible violations of the Treaty of Versailles.