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April 10, 2016

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PRESIDENT Jen Mandelblatt jpm367

Hi all!

Sign up for this week's diversity dinner here by Monday at 11:59pm:

We will be talking about socioeconomic status.

I look forward to seeing you at Sexual Assault Awareness Week events. If you have any questions about the week please feel free to come to me!



VP Member Education Elise Czuchna emc289

VP MEMBERSHIP Maple Chen mc2225

FMR starts on Thursday, January 19, 2017! All of you need to be back in Ithaca by 2 pm on Saturday, January 14, 2017. This is a day earlier than we have started Spirit Week in the past, but by adding a day, we will be able to release you all around dinnertime every day during Spirit Week instead of having to stay into the wee hours of the night!

If you’ll have to miss any part of SW/FMR, you need to write an email detailing why you can’t be there and submit it to me by mid-October so I can send it to KD Nationals for approval. Reasons that they will accept include study abroad, internships, or religious reasons. You are expected to plan around things like family vacations or work schedules, since you know the dates of FMR so far in advance. If you have personal reasons why you may not be able to be at recruitment, please talk to me and I will work to accommodate you. Also, if you're going abroad, you may still be able to participate depending on the date of your departure so don't count yourself out immediately!! You too can be in on the fun and friendship!

entenmann's are my entenfriends,


VP Operations Grace Winant gaw85

Hey everyone!

Keep applying to be appointed officers! Fill out the application (in links above) and send me a 1 page (max) letter of intent (via email)- all due by April 28th at 11:59 pm

! If you have any questions send me an email!!!!!

Thanks frands!

VP CS Miranda Deane mmd264

RELAY FOR LIFE- check out marissas announcement, ALSO if you ordered a shirt and didn't pick it up- hmu 6304877621 ALSO we have 2 extra shirts, size small and medium, so if you want to buy a shirt hmu! (They are $25)

Derby Days- our team from Sig Chi is coming to meet KD this Tuesday at 5 pm at the house, so stop by to say hi if you want.

PIE FOR LIFE- this week tue- fri we get pied and raise money for relay!!!! I invited you all on fb to the event, share it and invite your friends. SIGN UP HERE to get pied:

Milis event- Save the date April 22nd we will have a sisterhood event in Mili's honor!


VP PR Imani Sanders ias32

Lunch in Letters: Tuesday 12-1:25 @ Duffield w Amelia, Wednesday 11-1:15 @ Trill w Michaela, Thursday 1-2:30 @ Trill w me

Thank you to everyone who helped table & quarter card for karaoke last week! It looked like a fun time for all. And shoutout to Natalie for continuously killing the cover photo and quarter card game. And for her cool new haircut.

PC 16: If you haven’t taken your new member photo yet, here’s the dealio. I’m going to be posting a poll in your FB group soon for what times work best for you guys to take the pictures this week. The date will most likely be Thursday or Friday. I’ll let you all know which date/time/place we’re doing by Wednesday minis. Woohoo!!

Please keep submitting sister spotlights! (Thanks Brooke W for breaking it in for us, and make sure you like the FB and Insta post we posted about her today thx). We'll be posting them over the summer as well, so if you know a sister who is doing something super cool over break, make sure you send it in the form so we can spotlight her during the summer!



VP Standards Jacqueline Pecaro

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a great time at Crush! Shout out to Kristen and Michelle for planning an amazing night!

We still need 2 more sober monitors for Thursday's mixer and 1 for Saturday's mixer. Let me know if you want to volunteer! PC'16 can volunteer to sober monitor now too!




Finance Arielle Anderer

Who’s excited for PARENT’S WEEKEND?! If you’re thinking of coming to the events please fill out the following form ASAP so we know how much food to get!

The schedule for the weekend is:


4:30-6:00pm Tea at the house


10:00am Trip to Ithaca Farmer's Market

12:30am Picnic at Stewart Park (these events are both weather dependent and subject to change in case of inclement conditions)

4:00pm Insider's tour of Cornell's campus

8:15pm Dinner at the Nines


10:30am Brunch at the house

Hope to see you all there!


Arielle and Grace

PANHEL DEL Erin Powder elp54


SENIORS SEND ME CUTE PICS of your cute selves being fun and flirty for the Greek Senior Ceremony!

Sexual Assault Awareness Week is April 11-15! I'll invite you all to the Facebook events so you're in the know

Greeks Give Back is on April 23! Here is the link to sing up. PLEASE email/text/fb message me if you sign up so I can keep track of who we have going.

Appointed Officers

Relay for life

5 DAYS UNTIL RELAY FOR LIFE. Come thru on Friday @ Barton 4pm-4am. I invited everyone to the Facebook event so you can check that out!

Click here to join the KD team and send emails to family/friends to donate to support our team!

Click here to work the KD booth at relay! We will be having bracelet making (a relay buck to make a beaded bracelet!). For those of you who love baking, we will have a bakesale with the bracelet making!

Click here to learn more about Relay for Life! (Or just message me!)

Girl Scouts

Save the date: our next GS event is scheduled for Saturday April 23 from 1-3 pm at the KD house. We are going to give them a "tour" of different fields of study by doing interactive activities and presentations for subjects that they may not be used to learning about like nutrition and interior design. Also yay this event is before formal so older sisters can get there GS point in time!

Signups for the event will (ideally) be available in the Wednesday minis this week. Remember you can still earn your point by helping out with PR or making posters before the event if you cannot attend on the actual day.

PC '16: We would love to have some younger additions to the GS committee next semester so if you love kids and philanthropy then you should definitely apply! Feel free to reach out to me (Tara) if you have any questions about it.

Fitness - Katie Barlow

Hi fitness friends! Gymming in letters this week @ Helen Newman:

Monday 7-8AM

Tuesday Leah's yoga class from 7:15-8:30PM (I might not be able to make it if my meeting runs late, but you can still take a pic with Leah and send it in!)

Wednesday 7-8AM

much love & happiness,



Hi lovelies! This week’s theme is about adventure and taking risks. Also if anyone wants to talk to about us about being chaplains, let us know and we’d love to chat. Have an ~~adventurous~~ week!!!

AOT hol-tini


Hey sistah friends,

Please read everything because it’s all super important!


Unfortunately, some pieces of apparel were taken between distribution times, which means a few of our sisters were left without something they ordered. If you took something and you aren’t sure you ordered it, PLEASE ask one of the apparel chairs and we will let you know. If you took something you know you didn’t order, please put it in Ali’s mailbox or room (#4), no questions asked.

EVERYONE please check this ( spreadsheet to make sure you took the right apparel. Also, ask your lineages if they picked up your apparel without you knowing, then return any extras to Ali’s room.

It isn’t fair that some people didn’t get what they paid for because other sisters took apparel. We have a list of what everyone ordered, so if we see people (on campus, in a picture, etc) wearing something they didn’t order, we will be reaching out for them to return it.

Also, apparel chairs are no longer responsible for the apparel since distribution times are over, but contact Ali or Stacy if you haven’t gotten yours and we’ll do our best.


Help us choose which tank top style to use for SLOPE DAYYYYYYY! Vote here by Monday at midnight!

AOT <3

Ali & Stacy


Thanks everyone for being awesome at crush and helping us have a problem-free event!

Up next:


April 30th


Hangar Theatre

Beer & Wine cash bar

More details next week!

Thanks again!!


Kritty and Michelle!


Looking for sisterhood points? Craving a nice cup o’joe? Look no further! Sisterhood chairs are coming in hot with ~sister coffee dates~. So what are sisterhood coffee dates you may ask? Basically we (sisterhood chairs) play cupid and pair (or clump) you with another sister who you may not know as well. Then, on your own time grab coffee with your match, snap a pic, and voila great convo and a sisterhood point! So don’t be a weenie and sign up by SUNDAY 11:59 April 10.

Big image

Junior Club Chairs


The votes are in and most people were free on Saturday late afternoon. If enough people want to go/can drive, we will be leaving Ithaca around 4pm on Saturday and be home around 8pm!

so FILL OUT THIS FORM if you can go/drive. THANKS