Presented By : Daylon Rutledge

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Location And Geography

Region : North America

Hemisphere : Northwestern

Capital City : Montgomery

Terrain : Swampy , Pine covered hills , Sandy beaches , Wetlands , Big rivers , Fertile soil

Climate : Humid and warm , Annual temperatures average 64 F , 57 inches of rainfall annually , Hot summers , Tornadoes are the most deadly weather hazard

Key Physical Features : Cheaha mountain is the highest peak

Black Belt which is in the middle of the plain in Alabama


Population : 4,833,722

Main Religion(s) : Baptist , Methodist , Other Christian

Customs : They cheer for Alabama , Football is a big deal , The influence of Spanish and French are still alive in some parts of Alabama , The majority of Alabamians are descendants of European settlers

Food : BBQ Pulled Pork , Cornbread , Fried Chicken , Banana Pudding , Fried Pickles , Fried Green Tomatoes , Crawfish

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Government Type : Republic

Leader : Robert Bentley

Currency : Dollars

Exchange Rate : 0

Points Of Interest : Montgomery , Huntsville , Birmingham

3 Interesting Facts

Huntsville Alabama is known as the rocket capital of the world , The worlds first electric trolley system was introduced in Montgomery in 1886 , Alabama workers built the first rocket to put humans on the moon


Why did you move from Alabama to Georgia ? I moved to Georgia because i went to the military at a young age.

How was it like living in Alabama at a young age ? It was difficult living in Alabama at a young age because I had to deal with segregation and our schools were worst then the white schools. He also said he doesnt like todays generation because everyone is stuck in their phone and it keeps everyone from communicating.

Why did you move to a county close to Alabama ? I moved to a county close to Alabama to stay close to my family that lives in Alabama

Food Experience

Popular Dish : Sweet Tea

Why the dish is a staple : Its a staple because everyone enjoys it and mostly everyone drinks it.

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City i was born in : Atlanta

County i was born in : Fulton County

Location now : Lawrenceville ,Ga

Favorite Place My neighborhood because it has my house , a basketball court , food , and my ps4

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