Tuscarora Indians of N.C.

Meeting Their Needs Through Their Natural Resources

Tuscarora Indian Needs

The Tuscarora Indians need water, food, shelter, relationships, clothing, and knowledge. They live in the Coastal Plain. If they did not live in the Coastal Plain then they would be different because their natural resources would be different.

Relationships and Cultural Tradtions


Females have to do simple duties in order to start a relationships. They also have to know arts and crafts to get married. Females use animal fur and beads to decorate corn husk dolls.

Cultural Traditions

Their cultural traditions are crafting. They can also do pottery .The females have to know arts and crafts to get married. They can knit, crochet, and make corn husk dolls. When they make pottery they lay it out in the sun or some were it is hot enough to dry.

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