Mrs. Anderson's Newsletter

Letter Writing Project

We opened our first round of letters. We had letters from 14 different states, including Hawaii and Alaska! We also got packages from 4 different countries! . We will each be opening another letter in November and our third letter in December. Please be sure to ask someone to write to your child if he/she hasn't received any letters yet. It does NOT have to be from another country, or even another state. The important thing is that your child gets a letter to practice writing back to someone.

AR Party

Our whole class got to attend the AR party today. Students had to meet their point goals, pass tests at an 85% average, and read within their book levels. We had a popsicle party and extra recess to celebrate.

The Career Exploration Projects Were Amazing!

Bomber Buck Splurges

The kids have various things they can spend their Bomber Bucks on. They can have Harlow at AR time, sit in my swivel chair for the day, etc... They have asked if they can pay to bring a snack in to munch on in class. This is fine with me as long as it isn't something messy or distracting. It should be a healthy snack as well.

Science Guest Expert and Science Buddies!

Spelling Tests

Now that we are at the second nine weeks, I will be adding a sentence to the spelling test as part of the points. Capitalization of sentences and correct punctuation will count as well.

National Day of Writing

We have several students from our class that will be sharing poems for the National Day of Writing Celebration on October 20th at 7:00pm at the Carnegie Center. Anyone is welcome to attend and hear all of the speakers. :)