Sandro Botticelli

By Joseph Quintal


  • Born in Florence, Italy in 1445
  • Spend most of his life in Florence, Italy
  • An apprentice to Fillipus Lippi
  • Sandro was a goldsmith until he began painting at the Florentine School of Art
  • He was a painter
  • Lorenzo d'Medici was his patron

The Work

  • Virgin and Child
  • Created in 1466
  • This is significant because it is different from most renaissance art. It has the Virgin Mary which was not that common because humanism had taken over
  • The Vigin Mary is holding her newborn baby Jesus, with an intricate depiction of the holy city of Jerusalem
  • Scientific Naturalism because of the intricate natural background
  • This piece is interesting because it focuses on religion unlike any other painting of the renaissance time period
  • You can see a picture of this piece on different reference sites such as Wikipedia and ARTstor

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