Safety Online!

How to be Safe online

Are you being safe online?

Heres some tips to be safe online:

  1. When making a password, you shouldn't make your password too easy that other people can find out. Try making your password as a combination of other things. (For example: ThCh+AuMa=:Dilovetoread!)
  2. If you signed up for any websites, change your password often so that hackers cant come into your account.
  3. Don`t Press on any pop outs. (For example: You won a free trip to Wonderland!) Pop outs are not giving you free stuff, they are actually trying make a virus and trying to get information about you on your computer or devices.
  4. When a stranger is trying to get information from you by asking questions like: How old are you?, or Where you live? etc. They are actually trying to make you uncomfortable.
  5. If you are feeling uncomfortable, tell a parent or a trusted adult.
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