Chad's Page

My Family

My mother's name is Kim and she is an accountant for ESC Region 6. My dad's name is Brian and he is a sociologist at one of the prisons. I also have a twin brother named Alex.

My Favorite Memory

My favorite memory was watching the 2004 MLB playoffs because the Red Sox (my favorite team) made the best comeback in baseball history beating their rival Yankees in seven games. It is considered the greatest comeback of all time because they were down three games to none and ended up winning the series in seven games which had never been done before or has happened since. The Red Sox ended up winning the world series by sweeping the Cardinals ending the one of the longest championship droughts in sports history (they had not won since 1918).

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My Favorite Animal

My favorite animal is the monkey because they are so much like humans and they are very fun to watch especially when they throw their poop.

My Favorite Hobby

Tennis is my favorite hobby because i enjoy playing it and I can usually beat the other players i play from other schools.