The Great Depression

Junior,Justin, and Matt


Herbert Hoover didn't help us at all,but FDR helped us by making the new deal. Which helped people get money,food, and jobs to fix the economy. During the great depression people had to wait in line to go to a restaurant or get food in a market.


The great depression started when people lost all of there jobs. The people thought that the government should help them and they didn't. Herbert Hoover said the economy was getting better when it really wasn't. 15 million people lost their jobs which helped provided their family's .

Other Interesting Facts

People had to sleep on streets because they couldn't get a house. And their blankets were newspapers from the streets, because they had no money to pay for there house. People had to live in shacks and they have to sleep on the floors.


The areas that were hit the hardest were Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Farmers were losing jobs and their food during the great depression.The dust bowl made it hard for farmers to plant their crops and to take care of their farms. The dust bowl was important because it stared a new beginning for farmers.