Arlene Aguilar

Benefits of Communism

The benefits of communism include:

All people being equal

Every citizen can keep a job

Internally stable economic system

How does Communism work?

In a communist economy the government takes money and redistributes it such that everyone gets an equal share.

Cons of Communism

Some of the cons of communism are that it can fuel poverty because the set back of industrial growth could end up creating a employment problem, and it's anti-ambition since everyone is equal it doesn't give you much room for you to have ambition.

For example, people that have so much creativity aren't allowed to make a living out of that because it doesn't pay the bills and communism views that as unnecessary.


A communist economy is the best kind of economy because it increases work ethics. It also guarantees jobs for everyone. Making everyone own everything is the proposal to everyone!
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