Module 9: Personal Mobile Learning EDU 210


In this module, we explored 5 different apps that can be used for educational purposes.

Talking Tom & Ben News Reporters

Talking Tom & Ben News are two news anchors who students can talk to or watch. You can even create your own news by placing your own video or photo on their TV screen. You can also poke Tom or Ben and watch them fall off their chairs.

How can it be used? The most exciting part of this app is that student can create their own news dialogues that reflect any news item worldwide or around the school. So kids can use this app in Social Studies class in oder to report current events and broaden their worldwide knowledge.

Journal Jar

Journal Jar provides thought-provoking questions in the classroom. Students just have to shake the app and they can choose between 150 journal prompts.

How can it be used? Elementary students can use this app in order to find a creative idea to write about. They can be given 5-10 minutes to just work on their writing. THis would be a great way to get students writing and thinking creatively without any pressure. Plus they get to choose the topic.

Countries of the World Quiz

Countries of the World Quiz gives the student a picture of the country in reference to what's located around it and then four multiple choice options. You can also click on the country and you are presented with some quick facts about it.

How can it be used? This app can be used in Geography class in order to learn the countries of the world. It's great because it scores the student so it can be competitive.

iTooch Elementary School Math, Language Arts and Science Worksheets

iTooch Elementary has over 18 000 exercises to help elementary students practice and learn Math, Language Arts and Science for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. It has two modes: training and self-assessment so students can challenge themselves. There's also a cute little orange blob man to help out when needed.

How can it be used? This app can be used to help students studying these three subjects further their learning. There's questions and quizzes to challenge the students. A teacher could assign a certain worksheet on here for homework or in-class work.

Science Facts: Elementary 1

Science Facts: Elementary is a quiz app with 14 levels of beginning cinch covering biology, Earth science, and an introduction to chemistry. It highlights the wrong answers and accords the participant points.

How can it be used? Teachers could assign this app as practice for a quiz or have students work on it in class. It's another way to quiz students to see what they know in a non-stressful environment, meaning it's not for grades.