Tools in Project Management

Elliot Robinson


Every information system uses a database to describe every step and category. It shows how it is related to the rest of the database and will allow easy access of the frequently used data and it will also relate it to other areas of the database. An example of this is store, they have many products and they have the prices and dates on the products. The store could look over the database and see if they have a lot of a single product coming to its best before date and reduce its price to sell it quicker.

Internet Research

Information systems will have access to many corners of the internet, which will allow companies to quickly communicate with one another and also send and receive data without leaving their desk. It can be protected by passwords and have limited access which will help reduce the weight on the organisations internal network. A store will use the internet to allow customers to order and delivery of their shopping at a specific time or date, the order information will automatically come through to the store and a member of staff will start collecting the products ordered although if the store is out of a product ordered the staff member will pick up the closest product to the out of stock one.