Room 2 Newsletter

Term 4 Update

The Home Stretch

Term 4 is upon us and for some it is their last term at Scarborough Primary School. It is a busy term ahead and with one week already gone the end of year is fast approaching. This term promises to be jam packed with swimming lessons, graduation preparation, end of year excursions, high school visits and all the rest we can fit in. Of course there is still plenty to learn and work to be done so it is definitely going to be a sprint rather than a walk to the end.

It has been a positive start to the term with some interesting tasks already under way such as the 'My Team' project and the novel studies. That positive start reflects the positive mindsets that we spoke about during our two day health session last term. Maintaining that effort and attitude till the end of the year will see work produced that all students can be proud of.

At the end of last term, students were given the opportunity to share their thoughts on what the class should have as a theme for Term 4. The responses overwhelmingly pointed to having sport as the theme. As a result learning tasks and projects will be linked to this theme and carried through till the end of the year.

If you have any questions about what is happening this term or need any clarification on anything please do not hesitate to contact myself or Erica.



Key Dates for 4th Term

Week 5 & 6 - Swimming Lessons

Wednesday 14th December - 9am - Graduation Assembly followed by Morning Tea

Wednesday 14th December - Year 6 Lunch

Thursday 15th December - Whole Day Class Excursion

Further details for all these events will be distributed in the weeks to come.

Learning Areas

Maths - Carrying on from 3rd Term we will continue to look at the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages. We will also be looking back at what we have done through the year and further strengthening our understanding of mathematical concepts.

English - This term we will switch our focus to information report writing. Our writing will be tied into the theme of sports and students will be researching their favourite athletes. In reading students will be exploring information reports but also they will be studying novels and completing various tasks.

Health - As Mrs Salt has sent through already the focus is on how the body changes during puberty.

Design & Technology - Students have been tasked with either creating their own sporting team or redesigning an existing one. Over the term they will design uniforms, stadiums, look for sponsors and create logos.

Geography - The geography project will be linked to the 'My Team' project and students will be exploring the cultures and customs of Asian nations for the Year 6s and North and South America for the Year 5s.