Healthy Nutritious Meals and Snacks

Zaire Williams

Importance of Breakfast

Its provides the most nutrition for the day

Examples of Healthy Breakfast

Why Breakfast is Considered Healthy

It provides the most nutrition

Guidelines for Smart Snacking

  • Pick nutrient-dense, lower-fat snacks from the five group
  • Fill in food-group gaps with nutrient-dense food group snack
  • Avoid higher-fat or high-calories snacks
  • Time small snacks two to three hours before mealtime
  • Use Nutrition Facts labels to compare snack choice

Examples of Healthy Snacks

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Granola
  • yogurt
  • oatmeal

Why Theses are Healthy

  • Fruits are healthy because carbohydrates
  • Vegetables are healthy because you get nutrients
  • Granola bars are healthy because you get fiber
  • Yogurt is healthy because you get vitamins
  • Oatmeal is healthy because you get fiber also