Seige of Bexar

(The Taking of San Antonio)

What is this event You ask?

The siege of bexar is when the Texan volunteers laid a takeover of San Antonio from mexico. From October until early December of 1835.

Who was involved?

Stephen F. Austin was elected officer and lead 300 hundred men to San Antonio their mission take San Antonio from mexico.

Why Was it Important?

It was important because it helped them gain the confedence to go into Mexico and take over Matamoros ( which ended badly)

Important Dates

October 12 when texans started to move toward San Antonio, October 25 When the where debating over strategy, October 27 the texans drew off the mexicans attack,

What were other thinga that consisted with the seige of Bexar?

Well there was the grass fight on that Novemember 26 after finding out there were no reinforcements some men went out to cut grass so animals could get out of San Antonio,There was The Battle of Concepcion October 27 when Austins men disobeyed orders and set up adefensive encampment.