One of the many dangers of the Internet

What is Malware?

Malware is a bit of an abbreviation for Malicious Software. Malware is dangerous software that comes in many forms, sometimes even disguising itself as something else!

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What are the types of malware?

Malware comes in many forms, the most popular being viruses, spreading from computer to computer, usually through email; trojan horses, disguising themselves as something else, such as a game or movie; and spyware, software working secretly to get your personal information.

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What can I do to stop malware?

There are many ways to stop malware. You can get AntiVirus software to keep your computer clean, but be careful, as some of these act like malware! You can also use your computer's firewall to deny certain programs and websites access to your computer. And lastly, use common sense. Don't download anything you don't need to, even if you want to.

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