The Battle of Hong Kong

how Canadians fought the war

who were involved?

In the Second World War, Canadian soldiers first engaged in battle while defending the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong against a Japanese attack in December 1941.

who won?

The defense of Hong Kong was made at a great human cost. Of the 1,975 Canadians who went to Hong Kong, more than 1,050 were either killed or wounded. This was a casualty rate of more than 50%, arguably one of the highest casualty rates of any Canadian theatre of action in the Second World War.

what weapons were used?

why was the battle fought?

In 1940 the British regarded their crown colony of Hong Kong and its 20 000-man garrison as expendable in the event of war with Japan and decided against reinforcing it. But in September 1941 the Canadian government agreed to send the Royal Rifles of Canada and the Winnipeg Grenadiers