PFES - Board Report

June 15, 2021

Achievement Gap Reduction AGR Report

The Achievement Gap Reduction(AGR) report, attached to this report, shows mixed results for our school year. The Park Falls Elementary uses the AimsWebPlus assessment to monitor our annual progress and identify the timely learning needs of students. For the purpose of AGR, we set goals in reading and math for grades kindergarten through three for a total of eight goals.

Our fall to winter data showed on track progress for six of the eight goals. However, we saw continued growth in only two of eight goals from winter to spring. As a result, we only achieved one of the eight goals.

The test is nationally normed by school month. That means achieving a constant level of success requires a student to "grow" at the rate of the national norm.

The AGR goals set by the teachers were high but achievable. PFES students were on track to meet 6 of the 8 AGR goals from the winter testing. Importantly, the data indicates fewer students needing intensive services through the spring testing session. You can see this information clearly in the "tree report" which is included in Kacey's report. The data point for the AGR goals was specific to key components of learning reading and math, whereas the "tree report" shows the general results of reducing students that would be considered in need of intensive support.

Accomplishments and Activities

  • Summer school is up and running with a high number of participants
  • Completed AGR report
  • Completed and submitted all evaluations to the business office for filing
Big picture

Isle Royale

The Kief family enjoyed a week hiking from Rock Harbor on the northern tip of Isle Royale to Windigo on the southern end. Our data from the trip includes 282 flights of stairs, 141,400 steps, 46 miles, 60 packs of oatmeal, and 90 granola bars over 5 days of hiking. Our trip started very wet and thankfully ended with the beautiful sun shining. What an incredible National Park!

Ann is the hiker above and that is actually the second day which was much dryer than the first:)

Looking Forward

  • Complete the master schedule for 2021-22
  • Begin planning summer work, August inservice
  • Plan District orientation and training with Iluvyouguys
  • review and update Standard Operating Procedures for District Safety Plan
  • Complete planning for Illustrative Math Introduction and training
  • Plan for "Peaceful Playgrounds" training in August
  • Plan Zones of Regulation Training for staff
  • Plan new staff orientation