Cursive Club

Friday, February 12, 2016


Hello! Welcome to Cursive Club. Our first meeting will be next week! Your students will meet in Rm. 304 at dismissal. We will begin by taking attendance each day. We will have about 10 minutes between dismissal and 3:00, so if students may bring a healthy snack if you would like. Once we take attendance and get settled in, we will kick off our time learning and practicing cursive. Get excited! It is going to be awesome.


When you arrive to pick up your child, please follow the car rider procedures. You will just pull up to the curb and your kiddo will hop into your car. We will be up front and waiting for you. If it is cold, we will wait inside the lobby until we see you. If you have any questions regarding dismissal, please let me know. Please, pull up to the curb, and we will be out as close to 4:15pm as possible. Club ends at 4:15pm.


We will be doing some fun, hands on activities throughout our time together. For example, we will be writing in shaving cream on table tops, rainbow writing, and building words using play-doh. So far, we are pretty good with supplies. We will be needing play-doh later in the schedule. I will let you know the week we will be using it. Thanks in advance!

Cursive Club Meetings







3/22 - NO CLUB - Spring Break