7 characteristics of civilzation



people need language to communicate: language means to communicate information.

cuneiform is an example of language in Mesopotamia. It is there first writing


The Religion of the ziggurat's they needed this characteristic for a government

of Mesopotamia. this characteristic was important to the Mesopotamian for a government.

a ziggurat is a tall kingdom like city. it has an impact for today civilizations.

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art explains the way the people of Mesopotamia fell. the expressions of a Mesopotamian.

an epic is found witch is the writing of a student witch is like art. it makes an impact

on the new civilizations because is is Mesopotamian art.

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A Government of Mesopotamia

ran Mesopotamia. it was in

charge of running trading and business.

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Technology was probably one of the biggest

thing that was founded at that time. the tech,

was not today's tech, It was like axes , wooden

wheels and pickaxes.

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Culture The Mesopotamia people used this to show there expression

and forms of the way they are or language.

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Surplus is what the Mesopotamian's used

for food when they needed it.

instead of going and hunting it down.

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