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Callnovo is key to retaining your clientele, but it can be a challenge to manage in operational terms. A recent study by Forrester Consulting found that consumer’s rate automated telephone customer service higher than live agents for some straightforward transactions. The study also found that the majority of consumers were not satisfied with their service experiences. Using a mix of both automated and live customer service can be the way to keep your customers loyal to you. Better still, outsourcing this process will ensure that a professional answers your customer’s queries round the clock, so that their queries are answered whenever they call for assistance.

If you are a service provider and outsource call centers to your clients then you must know the importance of rewarding high performing agents and motivating low performers through lucrative reward offerings. Rewards and feedback are highly effective and important in telemarketing and customer support divisions. However, they usually fall short of ideas and options for rewarding their employees for their good performance.

Contracting an outside provider to manage customer support will ensure better service for your customers at an affordable cost. Here are some guidelines to follow for hiring the Outsourced call center by Callnovo

Look for an established company which has a reputation for prompt service. It should have a strong technical team so that there are no glitches whether the system you are using is voice based or non-voice based.

In case you are using an overseas telephone customer support provider, it should have training provisions for its staff, so that your customers are able to communicate with them easily. If a customer finds it difficult to make the staff understand his or her requirement, you may lose the business.

Helpdesk services are available round the clock at an affordable cost if you outsource them. However, take the time to understand the terms and conditions of the contract before you hire the business process outsourcing service provider.

A service level agreement can help you monitor the company’s performance. If it maintains or exceeds the level of service determined upon, you may choose to renew their contract or sign up for extra services.

Appoint a person within your company to manage the transition process, so that your customers are not inconvenienced. It is also sensible to make one of your employees responsible for coordinating with the company.

Hiring Customer care call center at Callnovo can ensure you have the time and resources to focus on your core competency. The company you choose should have experienced staff members so that they can handle a variety of customer queries. Providence BPO has over a hundred staff members with more than twenty years of experience in the industry, and they specialize in providing customized solutions for your customer support needs! Visit website