Baker and Baker Law Firm


Our company will represent you if you are the plaintiff and seek to file a complaint on someone or a company. We will also defend you in court if you are the defendant and are being sought for compensatory or punitive damages.

What Will We Do?

Our lawyers will be there with you from the day you get your summons to court until the day the verdict is read for the trial. We will advise you in how to plead during your arraignment, we will fight to get the issue clear during any pretrial conference so that you will never be blindsided. If you are talking out of court through the use of arbitration we will be there to bargain in the mediation process to make sure you receive a fair bargain. If you seek damages we will be there to find the preponderance of proof to ensure that you are properly compenstated

What If We Lose?

If we fail to win your case, we will if appropriate, file an appeal to have the case reviewed and you will not be charged a dime.