By Lanae Lopez


I will be telling you guys some things about Roman helmets.I hope you will leave saying in your mind, "I never knew that and I'm glad I got to know it".


The helmets were thought of because there were a lot of injuries in the head. The helmet covered many places on the neck up. Your neck,jaw(mouth), eyes,nose,and forehead.

How long

How long did it take to make Roman helmets? You would think it took a little bit of time but it didn't. It took 10 - 25 years. Mainly because they had to get the materials and experiment to make sure they worked. You wouldn't want a helmet that wouldn't be fit. Especially if it's for safety.

Made out of what?

Next, you maybe wondering what the Roman helmets were made out of. Good question. The helmets were made out of metal,steel,enameled studs,and leather.The metal and steel were what mainly the helmets had on them. The studs are what held the helmets pieces together. The fur was on the top of the helmet. As you see in the picture.


If you're wondering if the helmets costed money or not,you're about to know. Can you guess? It actually cost no money.Why? It didn't cost money because it came with their uniforms. Don't think that the people fighting had a choice. Which leads me into my next topic.

Who used them

Now I'm my next topic. Who used these helmets. Gladiators used these helmets. Gladiators were people punished or slaves that fought for people for entertainment. It wasn't fair but that's just how things were.
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Any Questions??