Ibague tourism!

*** Ibague... You got to love it!! ****

The musical city of colombia!

Ibagué was founded by Andrés López de Galarza on October 14, 1550 as "Villa de San Bonifacio de Ibagué del Valle de las Lanzas". Due to the frequent attacks by the indigenous Pijaos commanded by cacique Ibagué, the city was founded once more in its current location on February 7, 1551.

The total population of the municipality of Ibagué (including urban and rural zones) is 745000 inhabitant.

And also, the Tolima department is tamal and lechona, also the bread, since in Ibague we make the best bread!.

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What to see in Ibague?

Here i will tell you about some of the most important places of my city.

  • Conservatorio del Tolima, Founded in 1906, it comprises an old, crumbling building and a modern one,It's just round the corner from Plaza Bolívar, Its important part of the city's heritage.
  • Jardín Botanico San Jorge,Located at the edge of Ibagué boasting over 500 species of plants. It has 7 km of nature trails
  • Fundación Orquidea del Tolima Nature reserve with an impressive selection of orchids, including the national flower of Colombia, the endangered Cattleya trianae.
  • La Martinica . A nature reserve along the Armenia bypass that offers a good panoramic view of the whole city of Ibagué and the surrounding area.

The Ibagué Folk Festival

This folk festival was created in 1959 as a cultural proposal to foster the city’s traditional and autochthonous values and highlight its musical character.

Today it is the most developed, most representative, and oldest music and folk cultural activity in the department of Tolima.

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