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Should students have to wear uniforms?


I don't think students should not wear uniforms because it takes away their personality.

Uniforms take away a student's freedom.

uniforms take away kids personalities.students should be able to express themselves in a way.They should also have the right to express themselves in clothes colors.

Uniforms can sometime be expensive.

uniforms can be expensive and change people's mind in goi to school there.
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I think clothes actually do help students learn because if I was forced to wear a uniform.

wearing uniforms can distract you in worry about looking nice and feeling uncomftorable.

uniforms are hard work.

uniforms can be hard work on parents because they would have to wash them every time their kids stain it.if the stain is permanent then they would have to buy a new would also cost more money to get it dry cleaned every weekend.


students should not wear uniforms so they wont have to feel like they only fit in because of a uniform.