Gregor Mendel

Genetics Professor

Gregor Mendel

Gregor Mendel was a very bright child when he was young and even got accepted to got to University of Olomouc. Even though Gregor was a gifted person he failed the teachers exam 3 times

What he did

Gregor Mendel was a genetics scientist in the 1800s. Hes experiments where primarily on pea plants. Seeing what would happen if he to two different pea plants and cross bread them.

Pictures of Gregor Mendel


He's experiments

He only used pure Gg or Yy Plants. He crossed (Dominate) green and (Recessive) yellow peas to make the yellow peas then he crossed the yellow peas and got some green peas back.

Dominate - A trait (or gene) that will overshadow over another trait. This trait always "wins". This trait will always show up.

Recessive - Trait (or gene) that will be masked or covered up by a dominate trait.