Start School at 10:30am

A great addition to our average school day

Commence School at 10:30am

All primary school students in Australia should commence school at 10:30am. Families will have less stress in the morning by having enough time to pack lunches and get ready. Children won't be angry in the morning and throughout the day because they had enough sleep that night.

Parents Work

If your parents start work early, you can still have to choice to go to school and go to a classroom and study for assignments. you can also have help with class work you didn't get to finish. if your parents dont start work early you can stay at home and a bus will come to your nearest bus stop at 10:00am

Reasons Why We Should Commence School at 10:30am

Kids won't have enough time in class!


Students will have enough time in class because they will have 1 break that will start at 12:30 pm and end at 1:15 pm

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