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November 2017: Give Thanks

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A Season to Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is coming. As we strive to finish out the Fall semester strong, there are a number of reasons to be grateful and to give thanks. Giving thanks is a simple gesture that is a lost art in today’s time.

Being recognized and giving gratitude always makes you feel special and amazing inside. There will always be those that have and will continue to make a positive influence in your life personally, academically, and professionally. I am reflecting on my first supervisor in college that took a chance on me when I was a sophomore in college. To this day, I still maintain contact with this person and every now and then, I remind her that she made a difference in my life.

There are so many ways to say, “Thank You!” I challenge you to think about your life and think of those who have made a positive impact and influence in your life. When creating this sort of list we tend to think of the obvious: our parents and family members. I challenge you to think of those that have helped you along the way to assist you in reaching your goals, such as your professors, academic advisors, student involvement advisors, mentors, and supervisors. In developing this list, it is important to remember how each person has helped you and find a way of saying ‘Thank You’ that connects you with this person or organization. We are quick to find excuses and reasons why we shouldn't do this, but carving out time to give gratitude definitely makes both parties feel great about their efforts. I recommend trying it out with these few ways to express gratitude:

Say It. There is nothing wrong with being genuine and saying ‘Thank You’. You can do this over the phone or face to face. As long as the recepient can feel the sincerity and you can provide genuine reason for giving thanks then they will surely feel appreciated and special. You can do this by sending a video via social media platform or text messaging. We have access to technology, so do not pass up an opportunity to give thanks.

Write It. The art of writing Thank You letters or notes is a novelty in today's time. Whether it is in an email, post-it note, card or actual letter, it can go a long way. I try to write a post-it note to my individual colleagues each season to let them that I appreciate the work they do and share how they influenced me in the workplace. Sometimes we feel more comfortable expressing ourselves via writing but you can also add your personality in the message or the type of card you give that particular person.

Show It. You can express your gratitude in many ways, but make sure you do so authentically. At interviews or career fairs, the recruiters and employers can sense if you really want the job and want to be part of the organization, so make sure you can show it. You can do this by utilizing your nonverbal cues (i.e. body language, smiling, and handshake). We are human and people can tell if you are thankful for an opportunity by your aura and eye contact.

We often assume a person knows how we feel but giving a simple 'Thank You' goes a long way for you and that person. Keep in mind these few tips when expressing your gratitude. I encourage you to take time and reach out to a handful of folks that have been instrumental in your life and tell those selected individuals 'Thank You' for making a difference in your life.

Recap of AU Career Fair

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Opportunities Continue to Flourish for AU Students

On October 25, 2017, the Auburn University Career Center hosted the Fall Auburn University Career Fair for students of all majors in the Student Center Ballroom.

The AU Career Fair consisted of 108 representatives from over 50 organizations that were offering internships and full–time jobs to students of all majors. Employers recruited for jobs in industries including business, sales, public relations, logistics, consulting, engineering, and more. The event offered opportunities to explore options and network with top companies including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Polaris Industries, Sherwin-Williams and the US Army Corps for Engineers.

This year’s Fall Auburn University Career Fair experienced nearly double the attendance from last year's Auburn University Career Fair, producing an attendance of 375 students. One of the unique attributes of this year’s Fall Career Fair was the addition of professional photo services which allowed attendees the opportunity to take a FREE professional headshot to use on their Handshake, LinkedIn profiles and online portfolios.

Resource of the Month

Candid Career

This is nice tool to gain insight and advice on various topics in the workplace and in the job search process from real professionals in our society. Take some time to check out the tool to gain an array of perspectives on career topics.

The power of a thank you goes a long way and can make a lasting impression with employers, recruiters, and faculty. Check out this career advice from these short videos to learn about the importance of following up:

The Follow-up

Showing Interest

The Authentic Touch

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Ellis Bernstein

Ellis joins the Career Center again this year as a Graduate Assistant. Originally from Birmingham, AL, Ellis took a detour to get to Auburn as he earned his undergraduate degree at Indiana University. He is currently completing his dissertation for his Ph.D in counseling psychology. He is open to a career in clinical practice of psychology or teaching upon graduation. When Ellis is not working or studying, he spends time playing the drums at shows around Birmingham with his band.

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