Valentines day is coming up soon and with that said, the gentlemen of FIJI will be hosting an auction for you ladies who don't have valentines. From 8am Valentine's day until 8am the next day, who ever you win is at your beckon call. That's right ladies, he is yours for a full 24 hours. Anything you want you can have during this time as long as its legal, doesn't interfere with his classes, and is within reason. Before bidding starts each FIJI will give a little speech about why they should be bought and tell you about themselves.


Tuesday, Feb. 12th, 8pm

Room 211 in the Bernhard Center


This event was put together as a fundraiser for our colony. For those of you who don't know who or what FIJI is, we are the newest fraternity here at Western. We also put this event together because no lady should be alone for Valentines day. Below are the guys that will be up for grabs