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Ramdai Bachoo

San Francisco based veterinarian Ramdai Bachoo prides herself in being an expert about animal health. As a matter of fact, Ramdai Bachoo is not just an expert on animal injury and illness but also on conformation, which is the study of how an animal is put together. Ramdai Bachoo specializes in exotic pet health but is also very invested in the welfare of animals used for scientific research. One of her major specialties is avian healthcare.

Why Ramdai Bachoo Became a Veterinarian

Ramdai Bachoo is a veterinarian in San Francisco. Ramdai Bachoo has been practicing for the past 15 years. As a veterinarian, Ramdai Bachoo specializes in exotic pet care. Ramdai Bachoo has known that she wanted to become a veterinarian for a very long time. Ramdai Bachoo has always loved animals, and she believes strongly in helping animals in need and advocating for animal rights.

Love for Animals

Since childhood, Ramdai Bachoo has had a love for animals. Ramdai Bachoo loves all animals, but she is especially fond of pit bulls. Ramdai Bachoo owns three pit bulls that she rescued. In addition, Ramdai Bachoo loves exotic animals, which is why she chose to specialize in exotic pet care. Ramdai Bachoo is fond of rabbits, rodents, lizards, and other exotic pets.

Helping Animals in Need

Ramdai Bachoo also became a vet because she wants to help animals in need. This is another reason why Ramdai Bachoo chose to specialize in exotic pet care. There are not enough veterinarians who work with exotic animals, and Ramdai Bachoo feels that she has a duty to provide quality veterinary care to these animals.

Advocating for Animal Rights

Finally, Ramdai Bachoo became a vet in order to advocate for animal rights. Ramdai Bachoo uses her status as a veterinarian to advocate for animals that are used in laboratory testing. Ramdai Bachoo believes that current protections do not do enough to keep these animals safe. Ramdai Bachoo advocates for change in the laws that protect laboratory animals, and she wants these laws to protect rodents especially.

Ramdai Bachoo On Why Rabbits Make Great Pets

Ramdai Bachoo is a successful veterinarian who has been practicing for 15 years in San Francisco. As a veterinarian, Ramdai Bachoo specializes in exotic pet care. As an exotic pet specialist, Ramdai Bachoo works with many different animals, including rabbits. Here’s why Ramdai Bachoo believes rabbits make great pets.

  • They’re Companion Animals: First, Ramdai Bachoo knows that rabbits are excellent companion animals. Rabbits are social by nature, which means that they enjoy company. While rabbits can be skittish at first, as they get to know their owner they can become as much a companion as a cat or a dog. Rabbits also get along great with other animals, including cats.
  • They Don’t Make A Lot of Noise: Another reason why Ramdai Bachoo recommends rabbits as pets is because they do not make a lot of noise. Rabbits are fairly quiet animals; they do not bark like dogs or meow like cats. Sometimes, when they are distressed or upset, rabbits do stomp.
  • They Can Be Litter Trained: Contrary to popular belief, Ramdai Bachoo asserts that rabbits can be litter trained. Similarly to cats, rabbits can be trained to use a litter box, which means you can let them play around the house without fearing they will make a mess.
  • They Have Great Personalities: Last but not least, rabbits have great personalities. Ramdai Bachoo knows that all rabbits are unique, and they all have their own individual quirks, likes, dislikes, and habits. Life with a rabbit is never a dull moment.

Why Pit Bulls Make Great Family Dogs: Ramdai Bachoo

According to Ramdai Bachoo, put bull terriers and other bull terriers descended from the bulldog have a bad reputation that is truly unearned. But, according to Ramdai Bachoo, an active veterinarian who herself owns three rescued pit bulls, these dogs are some of the best companion animals around.

Ramdai Bachoo can say from personal experience that these dogs are known to be enormously affectionate and extremely loyal. Like any dogs, pit bulls can be pushy and make up their own rules if not properly trained. It is for this reason that Ramdai Bachoo only recommends investing in a pit bull terrier if you are already planning on owning a dog and know how to care for one.

Nevertheless, these dogs actually make excellent companions, says Ramdai Bachoo. They love to go places and visit friends, family, and even strangers. Well socialized pit bulls are also known to be great dogs for families, according to Ramdai Bachoo. They are stable in temperament and love children, often highly tolerant of some rough behavior that young children exhibit, says Ramdai Bachoo. However, it is important to make sure that you never leave any dog alone with a young child – though Ramdai Bachoo believes that any responsible dog owner and parent should already know this simple fact.

Generally, pit bulls are even easy to care for because of their short-haired coats, requiring extremely minimal grooming. These hardy animals can live to be as old as eighteen years, says Ramdai Bachoo, though it is important to make sure that your animal stays active and fit throughout its life to avoid potential health problems.

Ramdai Bachoo for Laboratory Animal Rights

Ramdai Bachoo is a well known champion for animal welfare. A veterinarian who is currently practicing in San Francisco, Ramdai Bachoo does not believe that animal testing should be outlawed. As a matter of fact, Ramdai Bachoo knows how useful these tests can be for developing treatments for humans and animals alike.

However, Ramdai Bachoo does know that there need to be welfare protections in place for the animals that are in laboratories. An advocate for ethical and humane care of animals in research, Ramdai Bachoo notes that there are a number of regulations in place already. For example, the Animal Welfare Act, which Ramdai Bachoo notes has been in place for almost 50 years, was signed into law to regulate the use of and care for animals in laboratory situations. It is also the only federal law in the nation that ensures proper treatment of animals in research, exhibition, and by dealers, notes Ramdai Bachoo about this important Federal law.

Ramdai Bachoo also notes that 2011 saw an update to the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, a document that is intended to enhance the well being of these animals through the important work of medical and biological research. Ramdai Bachoo also notes that there are other requirements put in place by organizations like the National Institute of Health, which delineate guidelines for caring for these animals. These guidelines encompass such areas of care as animal transportation and diet, and even making sure that toenails are comfortably clipped, says Ramdai Bachoo.

Visiting the San Francisco Zoo With Ramdai Bachoo

Of all of the attractions and activities available for both tourists and locals alike in San Francisco is the zoo, says Ramdai Bachoo. A veterinarian for exotic pets and animal lover through and through, Ramdai Bachoo believes that the San Francisco zoo is one attraction that nobody should miss out on.

According to Ramdai Bachoo, the zoo itself houses 250 species and almost 700 individual animals, with a children’s zoo that is specifically geared toward young people. Additionally, the zoo itself was the birthplace of Koko, one of the most famous gorillas living in the United States, says Ramdai Bachoo.

This gorilla is particularly extraordinary because she can understand over 1,000 signs in American Sign Language and even 2,000 words of spoken English. According to Ramdai Bachoo, Koko has become one of the most well known gorillas specific to the conservation movement.

Of course, there are many other animals to visit at the San Francisco Zoo, notes Ramdai Bachoo. From the countless reptiles and amphibians to the birds and invertebrates, there is always something to see at this well known attraction. There are also a vast number of mammals that can be seen at this zoo, says Ramdai Bachoo, such as lions and rhinoceroses and even giraffes. Of course, visiting the zoo is not just a fun experience for adults and children. Ramdai Bachoo knows that spending the day at the zoo is a great way to ensure a wonderful educational experience for children of all ages and even for adults.

Ramdai Bachoo: Why Are Ferrets Illegal in California?

Ramdai Bachoo, a veterinarian who specializes in exotic animal health, lives in San Francisco. What you may not know about California is that one of the most popular exotic pets – the ferret – is illegal in the entire state of California, says Ramdai Bachoo. Many veterinarians still treat and work with ferrets under the radar, though Ramdai Bachoo notes that ferret owners in the state often have difficulty finding pet care due to fear that their companion animal will be seized.

But why are ferrets illegal in the state of California? According to Ramdai Bachoo, the California Department of Fish and Game is concerned about native wildlife. According to many people in power, says Ramdai Bachoo, the fear is that ferrets could escape from family homes and multiply, establishing feral colonies and potentially having enormously negative effects on localized flora and fauna.

Ramdai Bachoo notes, however, that ferrets have actually been domesticated for many years. According to Ramdai Bachoo, there are many groups and advocates lobbying for the legalization of ferret ownership in the state. Studies have shown that ferrets are highly unlikely to form feral colonies and, in fact, would do less damage than many feral cat colonies. Ramdai Bachoo also notes that individual ferrets would be unlikely to survive outside of the home for more than a few weeks.

Ramdai Bachoo is a veterinarian who believes that ferret ownership in California should be made legal, if only so that the ferrets living in the state right now receive the proper care that they need when they need it. Ramdai Bachoo hopes to ultimately eliminate the fear that an owner will lose their beloved pet if they bring a ferret in for treatment.

Why Ramdai Bachoo Uses Social Networking

Ramdai Bachoo is a huge proponent of social networking to make sure that she keeps in touch all over the web. For Ramdai Bachoo, other than keeping in contact with friends and loved ones, social networking is actually excellent for business.

According to Ramdai Bachoo, as a veterinarian, it is important to be in contact with other working professionals. Through online and professional networks such as LinkedIn or the American Veterinary Medical Association, Ramdai Bachoo is able to stay in touch with many people who are practicing both privately and in corporate settings, not just in her home state of California but all over the nation and, in many cases, all over the world.

For Ramdai Bachoo, maintaining social media profiles is not a time suck. This is because Ramdai Bachoo makes sure that she only updates when necessary, though she does make sure to check in with what is current or trending every day.

Ramdai Bachoo has a favorite means of social media networking, and that is blogging. According to Ramdai Bachoo, maintaining a blog means that not only is she able to be in touch with other professionals, but she is able to keep them updated about her day to day challenges and successes as a working veterinarian.

Ramdai Bachoo believes that qualified professionals in any field could definitely benefit from incorporating more social media into their work life. Even maintaining an active LinkedIn profile and participating in groups is a great way to get started, says Ramdai Bachoo.

Ramdai Bachoo: Best Pets for Households With Small Children

Ramdai Bachoo, a veterinarian who lives in San Francisco, has many thoughts about what makes a great pet. According to Ramdai Bachoo, many animals can make great pets for adults, but not every animal is a good idea to keep around children. Some animals are very small and delicate, and others could cause damage or injury if not kept subdued.

First, a cat with a nice temperament can make a wonderful, loving animal companion for a child, says Ramdai Bachoo. Children must be taught to handle the cat gently and softly, and on the other hand, Ramdai Bachoo recommends a gentle cat that is not easily startled.

Large, gentle dogs such as retrievers are very friendly and encourage children to go outside, says Ramdai Bachoo. However, a large dog is only a good idea if there is plenty of room for the animal to move around, especially outside. Ramdai Bachoo recommends only investing in a dog for your kids with the prior knowledge that the dog will be well cared for – a great opportunity to teach your kids responsibility, but you have to be willing to pick up the slack or risk the animal being neglected.

Rodents, such as rats and hamsters, can be enjoyable to watch and handle and are easy to care for. However, Ramdai Bachoo reminds potential pet owners that it is extremely important to make sure that the cage is cleaned regularly for both the health of the animal and for the rest of the household.

How to Tell if Your Animal Gets Sick: Ramdai Bachoo

Veterinarian Ramdai Bachoo is an expert on animal health, and believes that prevention is the best cure for any animal’s potential problems. As such, Ramdai Bachoo believes that it is extremely important to know the signs of an animal becoming ill or injured. When you can recognize a problem, then it is easier to seek treatment before anything goes terribly awry.

For example, Ramdai Bachoo notes that if your animal is experiencing a lack of appetite, then that is definitely a reason to bring your pet in to see a vet. A severely reduced appetite for a period of more than 24 hours means that something could be seriously wrong, ranging from stress to high fever or even serious pain due to conditions like bloat. A cat that is not eating needs to be seen immediately, says Ramdai Bachoo, because it could develop a potentially deadly disease called fatty liver.

Similarly, lethargy should be taken care of quickly, believes Ramdai Bachoo. If you notice a severe decrease in energy for your dog, cat, or other animal when it is not normal (such as when a snake is hibernating), then it could be caused by any number of issues at hand, including something as severe as heart disease, notes Ramdai Bachoo.

If your animal is urinating too frequently or not urinating enough, or experiencing strain during urination, this could also be a sign that something is wrong. Ramdai Bachoo recommends visiting a veterinarian immediately if your pet is experiencing this problem, because it could be a sign of kidney or bladder stones, or an infection.

Ramdai Bachoo: Things to Do in San Francisco

San Francisco based exotic animal veterinarian Ramdai Bachoo is a huge fan of the city she lives in. From the San Francisco sports to many of the attractions and activities all over the city, there are a number of things that any visitor to the Bay Area would never want to miss

• The first thing any visitor to San Francisco should do is hop on a cable car, says Ramdai Bachoo. This is a fun way to get around and see some interesting neighborhoods, and is an experience fully unique to San Francisco with the added bonus of going up and down the city hills, says Ramdai Bachoo.

• Another thing that many visitors to San Francisco and the Bay Area of California in general like to do is going on a bay cruise. Ramdai Bachoo recommends taking a cruise to see all of the sights from a totally different angle, including the Golden Gate Bridge – but make sure you bring a sweater, as it can get cold out on the water.

• One of the most iconic parts of San Francisco is Chinatown, where the architecture is some of the most interesting in the entire city, says Ramdai Bachoo. This is a great part of town to enjoy lots of fun and excellent food.

• Ramdai Bachoo may have already mentioned the Golden Gate Bridge through doing a bay tour, but she feels it is worth mentioning a second time. This is one of the most popularly photographed sites in the entire world. Ramdai Bachoo believes that no one should leave San Francisco without taking a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge – an attraction that is nearly synonymous with the city itself.

Ramdai Bachoo: Animals That Don’t Make Good Pets

According to Ramdai Bachoo, it is important to remember that not any animal will make a good pet. With her current practice as a veterinarian in San Francisco, Ramdai Bachoo focuses her work on exotic pet care. However, Ramdai Bachoo also knows that many people own exotic pets that they should not own because they are unable to care for them. Rather than taking in animals that are typically seen as good pets, such as rodents, some snakes and lizards, and certain species of birds, many people desire to own wild animals, a practice that Ramdai Bachoo believes is wrong.

This is because, according to Ramdai Bachoo, wild animals should not be owned by humans at all. Many people take in or buy wild animals believing that they are “rescuing” them, a practice that Ramdai Bachoo believes could not be further from the truth. Wild animals are rarely abandoned by their parents, says Ramdai Bachoo, so a baby animal found alone in the wild probably is being taken away from its family.

When wild animals become members of households, Ramdai Bachoo notes that they require highly specialized care, food, and precautions that most untrained people are unequipped to provide. This means that many animals do not get the care that they need and can even become dangerous and do major damage to a home or even become violent, says Ramdai Bachoo. Wild animals do not make good pets, and, adds Ramdai Bachoo, should be left alone in their natural habitat.

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Ramdai Bachoo is a veterinarian who lives in San Francisco. According to Ramdai Bachoo, this not-for-profit association currently represents over 80,000 working veterinarians in the United States. For Ramdai Bachoo, being a member of this organization means having the opportunity to network with thousands of other working veterinarians in a number of different venues, including private and corporate practice as well as in colleges and universities. Ramdai Bachoo deeply appreciates the benefits allotted to members of the association.