We Need Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels power the world!

Why do we need fossil fuels?

Fossil fuels provides 85% of the United States' energy needs. They power our cars, produce electricity, heat our homes, and even allow us to cook our favorite meals. Even the computer you use at your home came from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels have been used since the 18th century. There cheap, available and they work. Why stop using them now?

Pollution, the Hidden Causes

Are fossil fuels really the only pollutants?

You may have heard that fossil fuels are the leading cause of pollution. That they are melting the icecap. If a nuclear plant were to go off it could wipe out entire towns. I didn't hear about that at fossil fuel extraction sites. What about natural pollution? Volcanoes release all kinds pollutants into the air. Volcanoes wipe out entire ecosystems. Fossil fuels take too much blame for mother nature.

The Bottom Line

The human race relies on fossil fuels from everything from transportation to having a burger. It may cause some pollution, but by far it isn't the only cause. So when you go home and heat your gas powered stove and turn on your electrical t.v, think about why you have those enjoyments. Think about why fossil fuels are the leading energy providers and then think about why people criticize them when they use fossil fuels just as much as the next guy.