By: Mikel Bigelow

How to be a good BabySitter

Ask the parent if you can come early to go over rules and meet the parent while they are there. Ask for bedtimes about homework and what they can watch on tv. If the parents are happy with your work they can spread you to more friends or have you babysit again.

How to work your way up to being a great babysitter

Do a good job watching the kids do what the parents want you to do with the kids while they are gone and complete goals. When the parents see what you can do if they like you they will want you again and will spread you to there friends that have small baby and kids.

Age limit for babysitting

There is many ages but lot of babysitter go with babysitting toddlers throw 4 graders.

Many Kids like babysitters for them to play with cause some parents are at work.