Peer Ministry Meeting Agender

September 27, 2013

Opening Prayer

Heavenly Father, we thanks you that we might be vessels of your love to the world around us. We lovingly serve you with our very being and never let us forget who we do all things for. We minister for your glory, for a world that deserves to know your love. May we never forget and humble ourselves as we do your work on this campus.


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Room # CampusMinistry

New Team Names! *Again*

Daily Mass Reminders

Monday September 30th - Jonathon

Tuesday October 1st - Therese

Wednesday October 2nd - Suzie

Thursday October 3rd - Chiara

Freshman Retreat

Thoughts, constructive criticism, feedback.

Team Updates

The Second Coming - Sophomore Retreat - Brianna, Matt, Therese and Morgan

Team #2 - White Mass - Randy, Manuela, Suzie and Eric

Team #3 - Promotion - David, Chiara, Fiona, Maria and Sammie

Team #4 - Junior Retreat - Antonella, Darby, Jonathan and Ashley

Team #5 - Freshman Retreat - Cody, George, Sabrina, Kathy and Brittany

Team #6 -Support - Allyssa, Andres, Emily, Dana and Marcela

Planning Time

  • Junior Retreat
  • Good Idea, Bad Idea Video

Upcoming Projects for October

  • Junior Retreat - October 23rd
  • White Mass - October 27th

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Closing Prayer