No Teacher Left Behind Act

Learning starts with the teacher.

Consistent Learning for Teachers Accross The Nation? Yes.

Continuing Education

  • Workshops
  • Technology Enhancement Courses
  • Social Development Workshop (annually)

Certain Practices for All Teachers

Teachers should allow students to do development work, such as:

  • Student to Student group work
  • Peer Learning
  • Class Presentations

Should Teachers Meet Certain Qualification to Teach Such An Evolving Generation? Yes.

Minimum Pre-Requisites.

  • Bachelors Degree
  • In pursuit of Masters Degree
  • Certification
  • Continuing Education Classes

Being Prepared for the NETS-T

Teachers are well prepared for the NETS-T, this is because of the different learning objectives that they are using such as; implementing different way for learning abilities and using different technology in the classroom.