Some deadly water disasters By Evan Robey

How do Floods happen?

Floods can happen when hurricanes wipe over the land and flood the land. Also, people whose houses are close to or under sea level experience flooding often.

Famous Floods in History

The great Mississippi river flood of 2011 rivals other major floods in 1927 and 1993. Barack Obama declared western counties of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi federal disaster areas.Days after the 2012 hurricane issac, flooding and outages remain in Louisiana.At least 7 people died,5 in Louisiana and 2 in Mississippi .

Flood Facts

floods can cost over $2,000,000,000 (that's 2 BILLION dollars!).

floods can kill you if not hurt you.

How to Stay Safe During Floods

Floods are dangerous, and website FEMA knows how to get ready. As if you are a kid, they say first you should ask a grown up what the escape plan is . Their tips are : pick the same person from each family to call or email. Pick a meeting spot , also one in a different neiborhood