Español II

Capítulos 3A y 3B

By the end of the unit, students will be able to:

-Talk about things they did and where they did them

-Explain why they weren't able to do certain things

-Discuss things they bought and where they bought them

-Review uses of direct/indirect object pronouns

-Talk about preparing for a trip

-Give directions in a city or town

-Give commands

-Talk about good driving habits

Helpful link for giving commands in Spanish

Instructional video on giving directions in Spanish

Instructional video on how to use direct and indirect objects

Resources to help you be successful:

The Zocalo in Mexico City

La Casa Embrujada update capítulos 9-10

The group has arrived to Cuernavaca where they are continuing their investigations, starting at el Banco de Cuernavaca. Pepino and Panzón get lost while traversing the city. They stumble upon a mercado, and of course Panzón is hungry, so he eats a handful of chiles. After they leave the mercado, they observe a couple guys watching them, one of the same guys that tried to run them off the road on the way to Cuernavaca. Because Sandy's father, Sr. Dallas, is not answering the phone, the groups decides to go back to the house in Cuernavaca. When they get back to the house, Panzón notices a black car, perhaps the same black car they saw on the way to Cuernavaca. Inside the house they discover that Sr. Dallas is locked up in a closet, after having fainted. After a while of course Panzón gets hungry and decides to make a sandwich. Pepino ends up finding a secret passage that goes to a secret tunnel. By the end of the chapter, the great detectives, Pepino and Panzón, are about to descend into a secret tunnel.