Brain Energizers

Week of January 26

Brain Energizers

Brain energizers are activities you can use to help stimulate the brain. Research shows that when students are physically active their brain activity increases resulting in better memory retention and higher cognitive thinking.

Energizer of the week


Students cooperatively arrive at a designated sum and celebrate their success together.

Cognitive Link:

The brain is distributed and thrives on working with others cooperatively.


Students are in small groups of four, maybe five. Six is the limit.


Students stand facing the center of the group. Students use the rock, paper, scissors format by hitting their fist three times into their other other fist while saying "I love Math". On "MATH", each partner shows any number of fingers and thumb on one hand. The goal is for all of the group's fingers and thumbs to add up to eleven. If the group is successful, they throw their arms up into the air and loudly yell, "Woo Who!" The group then tries to add up to thirteen, then fifteen, and eventually 19-29 depending on the number of players.

If the group's fingers and thumbs do not add up to eleven, they keep trying until they are successful. You may add the rule of no talking and not showing the same number twice in a row

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Other Resource

GoNoOdle Brain Breaks

Login information:


password: eagles

After login, each grade level has a section set up. You can click on your grade level, and there is a favorites section. I have placed a wide range of grade-appropriate videos there that I have tested out with the kids.

They range from 1 minute to 15 minutes, and can be used for "Brain Breaks" during the day or inside recess.