Week of September 2, 2019

Teacher Brag Board

"Mary Maddox truly understands the value of building relationships with students. I just finished meeting with a struggling student who listed teachers that they felt like they could trust in our building. The student gave example after example after example of the things that Maddox does for each of her students and mentioned how thankful that Maddox is their teacher this particular year, as life for them is more difficult than usual. What I heard was: "She hears me," "She values me," "She structures and plans her lessons to accommodate my needs," "I feel like I can trust her." Way to go, Maddox!"

~Donna Lincoln, Counselor

Direct quote from Zach this evening, “I hate to say this but I'm kind of enjoying the calc class and I'm glad you made me stay in it.” Way to Go, Mrs. Huh!

Shout out to Coach Holzer for mastering the "We Will" and "I Will" in his lesson plans! GREAT JOB! ~Jennie Flaa, Principal

School Status Tip - Tag a Note and Make It Viewable To All.

"I was updating some student notes tonight and was a little relieved to see a note from another teacher regarding a student's conduct in class. It helped to know the problem is in multiple classes. The tagging a note for everyone may become my favorite function to stay updated on kids who may need some extra guidance and help." ~Beth Sullivan, English

An IMPORTANT Note from Special Education

Teacher input forms for ARD preparation are extremely important both for our SpED staff and the development of the student’s personal IEP. Teacher input lets us know what academic and behavior strengths and weaknesses are present. Also, the indication of what accommodations are currently being used successfully in your class. There is an additional information piece if you want to explain your strength or weakness. All information is valued. It is imperative that every teacher completes this form in order for us to best develop plans for students and provide the appropriate supports in your classroom.

The date of the ARD is provided in the form request. Sped teachers have to have their piece complete a week and two days before meaning that teacher input must be completed before that. I will begin putting a set due date on teacher input forms rather than a suggested time moving forward.

~Carly Sperry, Special Education

Indian Walks - September 11th

  • 6 writing samples aligned with the standard from diverse learners
  • No names; hung outside the classroom door
  • All Teachers Participate (Core, Electives, Fine Arts, CTE)


TRIBE TIME - Things to Remember

  1. Do NOT let your students leave once they are in your Tribe Time.
  2. Do NOT let students stay with you that are not on your roster. Some students are working on tutorials or EOC material and need that support.
  3. Do NOT change a student's placement without talking to the student or another teacher. That teacher might have needed them for grades or support.
  4. Make sure you take attendance each Tribe Time day in Flexisched. We will start running reports soon and need that information.
  5. Make sure you include a small description of what you are offering for your Tribe Time.
  6. We have a new club (Comic Book Club).....if anyone else would like to offer something new let me know and I can include them on our list. I will wait another week as things settle in, then send you the list to share with the students.
  7. Dual Credit Government students must leave their Tribe Time a little early on Mon-Wed-Fri. We have given them a laminated pass to let you know they are included in this group and that it is ok for them to leave.

Nuts & Bolts

Sunshine Committee - Please bring $15 to Nicki Nelson to support the Sunshine Committee initiatives like baby showers, luncheons, gifts.

Progress Reports - Make sure grades are updated before Tuesday morning @ 8:00 am. Progress reports will be printed and mailed on by Wednesday.

Discipline Management Point System - We will not be giving teachers access to the points earned due to privacy concerns. Please ask students to email their alpha principal if they need to know points earned.

Hall Passes - No student should be in the hallway or sent to the library without one.

Instructional Technology - Tammy Austin will be on campus Wednesdays to assist you with your classroom technology needs. Please email her in advance if you have something specific you would like her to work with you on. She mostly hangs out in the MacShack or she is happy to come to your room!

Kick It Kodi - The coloring book drive is underway! The 3rd-period class that collects the most will receive a pizza party!

Tribal Cards - Reminder that Tribal Cards are for those students caught being responsible, respectful, or safe. Either you or the student can bring the cards to Flaa. Students are rewarded at the end of every six weeks!

6-Week Failure Report Form - Reminder that this form must be filled out for each student that fails your class for the six weeks. EVERYTHING on the form has always been an expectation but not documented. We will now document those expectations.

Indian Walks - Writing samples MUST be related to content/standards learned in class, not random journal writing prompts. Indian Walks will begin September 11th, be ready!

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Upcoming Events

September 3

  • Labor Day Holiday
  • CTE/Elective Department Meeting @ 7:45am

September 4

  • Math/Science Department Meeting @ 7:45am
  • Senior Yearbook Portaits
  • Tribe Time - Create schedule and D.E.A.R.
  • Volleyball vs Callisburg @ Callisburg, 5pm

September 5

  • English/SS Department Meeting @ 7:45am

September 6

  • F/JV Football vs Springtown @ SHS, 5:00pm

September 7

  • Choir Trip to Casa Mana, 5:00pm
  • Volleyball @ Springtown, 4:30 pm
  • V Football vs Springtown @ SHS, 7:30pm

September 8

  • XC Meet @ UNT Discovery Park, Denton
  • TSI Testing @ SHS


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It’s good to know the content. It’s great to know the pedagogy. It’s imperative to know the kids.~ @SteeleThoughts

We MUST take the time to know our kids.


It's a great day to be a Sanger Indian!

Sanger High School is an exceptional campus focused on innovative learning where students are prepared to create their future in an ever-changing world.