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Allison Tooms and Manisha Mathews

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Professional cyclist? Leisure rider? Weight-loss attempter? Chances are that you will need a bicycle dynamo. Many bicycles have dynamos that rub against the wheel. As the bike moves a wheel, a dynamo (placed at the top) turns a magnet inside a coil. This results in a change in the magnetic field, causing a current to induce. This current is carried by wires to the front and rear lamps, providing enough energy to illuminate them.

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A crank radio functions similarly to normal hand-powered generators, but it’s way cooler!! These generators produce power by using a magnet and a coil of conductive wire. By wrapping the coil of wire around the magnet and turning it, a current of electricity is created. The crank will rotate the wire around the magnet to produce electricity. There is also a regulator to make sure that spinning the crank to quickly won't ruin the radio.

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Can you hear me? Well, now you will certainly be able to! Hearing aids use electromagnetic induction by first allowing the microphone to pick up electrical signals (sounds) from the environment. The amplifier then, well, amplifies the sounds, and the receiver changes the electrical signals to sounds and sends it to the brain for processing. In order for this all to work, you must use a battery, which si the basis for the relatively simple invention.

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Missing a device to create some underappreciated grilled cheese? Well have we got the invention for you! The EMIHG contains various parts that use electromagnetic induction in order to work, including a casing body and a micro crystal plate that connect to the control device, which plugs into the wall and runs the machine. The control device starts the process, where the energy moves quickly from outer casing, to the first micro crystal plate, and then to the second casing and microcrystal plate. The quick speed in which it moves allows for easy 15 min dinners, and saves money for all consumers by using less electricity. Be sure to pick up your EMIHG today!

"Patent Application Title: Electromagnetic Induction Heating Grill Toaster." Electromagnetic Induction Heating Grill Toaster. N.p., 23 Oct. 2010. Web. 01 May 2013.

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Moving Coil Microphones

Singer? Stand up comedian? Avid bingo player? Then this microphone is for you! Our moving coil microphones work all because a movable induction coil, in the magnetic field of a magnet, is connected to the diaphragm, a part of the mic. When sound enters through the microphone, the sound waves moves the diaphragm. When the diaphragm is moved, the coil moves in the magnetic field, producing a current in the coil through electromagnetic induction.

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Simple Electric Motors

In our simple electric motor a current passes through a coil in a magnetic field which forces the left side of the coil upwards and the coil rotates. when the coil is vertical, the current shuts off for a second. The current is reapplied and the other side of the current is rotated. This simple electric motor will be the basis of anything you need to create!

"Electric Motors (for 14 to 16 Year-olds)." European Copper Institute. ECI, n.d. Web. 02 May 2013. <http://www.eurocopper.org/copper/electricmotors.html>.

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Our new straightening iron is one of our brand new inventions! If you want perfectly straight and shiny hair, this is the product for you! Inside each panel there is a magnet that travels through a wire coil to produce electricity. This electricity is then is converted into heat. By using electromagnetic induction in this product, electricity is quickly produced so you don't have to wait for thirty minutes for your straightening iron to heat up. You can adjust the amount of heat that comes out of the iron by the push of a button!