Sheared Wooly Sheep

Jessica Neves


Sheep are a renewable resource that can be raised in a sustainable manner and they can produce natural fiber. The natural fibers can substitute for synthetic fibers.

Did you know?

The sheep industry in the United States accounts for 350,000 jobs. One sheep produces between 1 and 14 kg (2 and 30 lbs) of wool and fleece dependent on the breed.

The Process

To get fleece or wool the sheep are sheared. This process does not hurt the animals. It can be semi stressful and can potentially cut them depending on their movement. A benefit mentioned is that by shearing sheep it helped from overheating. Due to the removal of their effective insulation, the animals will need to eat more food in order to regulate their body temperature and prevent them from being cold. It takes about six weeks for the fleece to start growing back.

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