Susan Beuel

What is it and why is it important?

Biodiversity refers to all living organisms in a given area. It includes plants, animals, and fungi. Biodiversity is important, so that species will not become extinct. All species depend on one another for survival. For example: Forests provide homes for animals. Animals eat plants. Plants need soil to grow. Biodiversity is lost when habitats shrink. Man clears the land to build homes, offices, stores, etc. Pollution destroys the ecosystem. Man over hunts or fishes.

Endangered Ecosystem and Specie

Ecosystem = Arctic

Endangered Specie = Polar Bear

Explain why the arctic is important

Explain what is happening to the arctic

Explain how this effects the polar bear

Conservancy Organization

The Nature Conservancy is an international organization that protects the environment.

Describe how the organization works

Explain how this organization protects biodiversity

Explain what the organization is doing to protect the arctic and the polar bear