Red Grange

By: Jack Sandler

Harold Edward "Red Grange"

Harold Edward or also known as "Red Grange" born: 1903 died: 1991 was an American football player who went to University of Illinois and, played for the Chicago bears.

His position was a halfback.

NFL Theme Song
Red Grange Becomes a Football Legend

What did he do?

Red Grange is credited for making professional football more popular. On October 18, 1924 Red Grange scored 4 touchdowns against Michigan In the first 12 minutes. Did you know Red Grange is one of football's all time greatest! He died: 1991 and was born: 1903


On October 18, 1924 at the memorial stadium Red Grange scored 4 touchdowns in the first quarter of 12 minutes! This made people start going to football games more and getting more interested.