Tv,Music & Reading

Winter English Class

what is your favorite tv program?

We like The lost room, Prison Break, SHERLOCK Kim younggeun like Prison Break because he likes The material Prison Break drama. Choi Woo Nyeung likes The lost room because he likes fantasy drama.

Prison Break Season 1 Trailer

What newspapers and magazines do you read?

We like to read our news on the internet. We also like to read many magazines. like GQ, Esquire, and ELLE Kim younggeun likes to see girl's men's fashion in ELLE. Choi Woo Nyeung likes to see men's fashion in GQ, Esquire.

GQ Rules Season 6: Episode 9 - Men's Style & Fhasion Tips - GQ Rules

Which game show do you like the best? Why?

CBS - Survivor

We really like the Survivor. Many people throught the survive program

Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Immunity/Reward Challenge: Back Splash

What commercials do you like and hate the most?

인종차별을 가장한 치약광고

We hate segregation commercials about Toothpaste.

메시 앙리 카카 드록바 램파드 아르샤빈 펩시 광고 !! 이런 광고 너무 좋아

Younggeun thinks the insurance commercials are very funny. Woo Nyeung likes pepsi

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